Monday, March 16, 2009

Katie's Birthday

I know I'm major late with posting since this did happen in January. But better late than never right?

We had Katie's 14th birthday party a little late and she was so sweet to let us do that. We wanted to get past all the stress of Christmas and other birthdays first. She wanted to have a 50's party so it took lots of thinking especially for what 14 year olds will think is fun. But I think it turned out okay and everyone had fun. We made bath salts and put in "old fashion" looking bottles, then they were able to make their own sundaes in a coke glass. They went upstairs to the "drive-in movie" and watched Grease. Everyone was really excited about the custom paint jobs done on the cars. LOL actually they were as horrible as can be but it still made it fun.

Once again....

I don't think there is much to explain here besides, this is what you might find when your kids get a hold of your camera and don't delete the evidence. Of course I'm sure the last think from their mind is Mom posting them on facebook and on her blog for everyone to see and enjoy.... I love you girls.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Select Choir...

In February all three middle schools in Pocatello got their select choirs together and learned some songs and then put on a concert. The choirs were 8th graders that had tried out and were chosen to sing. Because Franklin was short a few they were able to take 6 seventh graders and Morgan was one that elected to participate. She was so excited to do it and what a great opportunity for her.

Last week she also participated in a choir festival at Century High School where she sang in a quartet. They did an excellent job and also received a ribbon. We are very proud of her and the things she has accomplished.

Beckham was ready to go sledding....

This year when we got one of our big snow falls Beckham was so excited to go out sledding. We kept telling him to wait and that we would get him ready, of course trying to delay it as long as we possibly could, but he didn't want to wait and took matters into his own hands. Jeff looked outside and saw him playing in the snow yelled to me to grab my camera and come outside. When i got out there this is what we found. He didn't think anything was strange about it at all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brain Fart....

What is wrong with me? My mind has completely quit working and I need to get busy with my blogs I am so far behind. I promise I will get you updated SOON :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

home made Christmas

This year we had all the kids draw a name and that is who they would be giving a gift to. There was only one condition, it had to be homemade by them and not a bought gift from the store. In my mind I was thinking of them making a cute little paper craft or painting a picture, no big deal. So we started thinking of ideas of what they would do and they kept getting into bigger projects. I was so excited by their enthusiasm to make a gift for one of their siblings that I was willing to help them with whatever it was they wanted to do. I owe a HUGE thank you to my neighbor Michelle for letting us borrow her sewing machine so we could work on these projects. They all did such a beautiful job on them and to see their faces when they opened the present was such a wonderful thing. They were all so grateful for how much work their sister had put into making something for them. I think this will be a tradition we continue to do.

Katie tied a fleece blanket for Morgan

Morgan sewed an apron for Lacey

Tyece knitted a hat and scarf for Katie and sewed a rice pack for her

Ashley tied a fleece blanket for Beckham

Lacey tied a flannel blanket for Ty

Mikaiah helped sew and cut a blanket for Ashley

Beckham (me) sewed an apron for Kia